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Summer salads recipe book

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Enjoy a salad and know that it's going to fill you up. Stick to your goals and enjoy what you eat with 30 healthy high protein recipes made from fresh ingredients. Each dish has been designed by a professional dietician to help your muscles recover and keep you on track with your physical development plan. Get inspired, know what you are eating and enjoy it!

macro nutrients are calculated so your personal trainer can approve your nutrition. Recipes fit it into your healthy meal planRecipes macronutrients (macros) are calculated so your PT. Track your calories, fats, protein and carbohydrates for a precise approach to your nutrition. If you are hungry after a salad, know how much you have eaten and understand how much more you can eat based on these values

personal trainer approved nutrition. What does my personal trainer eat?Your PT can easily direct you what dishes work best for your meal plan with the values they need already calculated.

know how to make dishes for a healthy eating plan with step by step instructions from garden food prep meal prep delivery serviceEasy step by step instructions


our meal prep service shows you how to healthy food for weight loss and other dishes that can fit into your healthy meal plan with videosEach recipe includes a video that teaches you how to cook the dish.