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Finding the time to shop, measure, cook, portion, eat and then wash up, is inconvenient and not always possible for those with a busy life. Some get around this and maintain a consistently healthy diet. Others struggle to find the time. it's quite obvious who will accomplish the healthy life and body the desire and who won't, out of the 2 above.

Shedding stubborn belly fat for that holiday, improving energy and confidence at work, feeling fit, increasing concentration, living longer. Whatever your reason for wanting to eat healthily, we understand that it's important to you and are here to make it happen week in week out with just a few simple clicks today.

Benefits of this program

Instant price quote for your meal prep planPrice for your meal prep is automatically calculated above. Add £6 for your delivery if your weekly household spend is below £100 (£3 per fresh food delivery).

this diet plan for weight loss, just like all our weight loss programs and weight loss recipes, are designed by a qualified dieticianChoose your own dishes, they are designed and adjusted by a dietician to fit your chosen health goals without any fuss on your end.

our weight loss recipes are cooked by professional chefs in the garden food prep kitchenAll your food will be prepared by professional chefs specially trained by a nutritionist to cook meal prep

Unlike most healthy meal delivery services, our weight loss foods are delivered fresh twice per week Prepared and portioned meals delivered on Sundays and Wednesday’s so your fridge always has fresh healthy food ready to go (no need for that emergency regretful snack).

all our healthy meal plans for weightlossare gluten wiseNo gluten on the menu.

this healthy eating plan for weight loss saves you lots of timeSave time to make your new healthy eating regime manageable, sustainable and consistent.

every healthy food from our meal prep delivery service is made using only natural ingredientsOnly natural ingredients are used to make our clean food.

healthy food delivery is made simple with labels on the dishesKnow what you are eating. Every dish is labelled with macros written.

To make your plan, our nutritionist needs to know your gender, how many days per week you want our food prep and the kind of meals you want to order. Enter this information above before you make your online purchase so we can refine your meal prep plan. 

This meal plan is a weekly subscription, it takes payments automatically each week to keep things simple and save time. Skip a week or cancel the subscription without any notice before payment is taken on Wednesday the previous week. If you prefer to log on every week and place your order manually, please order our meal prep trial.