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Macro tailored nutritionist support

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Fill in this form if you are interested in using our service to accurately meet your needs. If you would like week by week support, menu adaptations and macro calculations please purchase this service as an add-on via subscription above.

If you have already purchased a meal plan we can work out your initial macros once for free so please fill in the form below, there will be no need to subscribe for this first consultation and general support will still be available throughout.

Alternatively you can take control; track our meals via myfitnespal and save costs or work with your personal trainer to find out any changes you want to make to make, then drop us a message so we can adjust your meal plan accordingly.

Please note that this package is not to make meal plans outside of our menu for you (if you want a plan outside our menu please message us and a dietician will be in contact). We will not be able to provide you with the food for the dieticians meal plan or any other food unless there is a minimum of 15 people at the same time ordering. Please contact us should you wish to make unique demands for your gym, sports club or fitness group.

As a price guideline, our snacks are £2 whilst the meals are around £5.50 depending on how many you wish to purchase within your plan. We use these meals to create your meal plan as cost efficiently as possible. A 100 kilo body builder is going to need many more meals than a small framed office worker so there is no one price fits all for this tailored approach.

Subscriptions can be paused or cancelled instantly and easily before the Friday of each week with a few simple clicks no strings attached.