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Reset your food habits (3 week program)

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In just 2 generations we have lost the understanding of how to eat healthily. An excess of unreliable information paired with decades of unsustainable fad diets have made sure of that. Top this off with easy access to addictive foods and you have all the main ingredients for an unhealthy eating habit.

Not everyone has this bad habit of course; those with great eating habits are effortlessly on top of their diet. Other's struggle and often fail to keep a consistently healthy diet; yo-yoing from one extreme to the other, feeling guilty about their lack of progress.

Stop feeling beat down or confused by your diet. Being healthy is well within your reach; it need not be an uphill battle. Take control of your diet and make things easy for yourself. You do have to eat healthily and live healthy to be healthy and look healthy; there is no way around this so let's get to it. In this 3-week program, you will learn how to tackle this challenge and form a habit for long-lasting and enjoyable success. For details on the dishes that will make up your meal prep plan, view the menu by clicking here - (opens new window).

Benefits of this program

Freshly cooked meal prep is prepared by our professional garden food prep chefsAll your weekday meals are provided for 3 weeks, readily prepared by professional chefs and delivered fresh, twice per week; breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

healthy eating plan is made from good diet foods designed by the garden food prep dieticianReprogram your appetite: get rid of sugar cravings and processed food addictions in a controlled manner with meals and meal plans designed by a qualified dietician.

healthy eating meal plan made from our online diet food delivery and other healthy recipes for weight loss Receive 30 recipes created by a dietician to keep your weekends on track and build your independence. Comes with a video of how to cook each dish.

healthy weekly meal plan comes with activities that support your developmentIncludes simple but effective guidance on how to live healthily, supported with practical activities that get you into the habit of actually doing the healthy things from day 1.

total diet replacement is supported with step by step structure and nutritional planning by garden food preps expertsProgressive program structure makes it manageable to fit any necessary changes into your life. The curriculum was designed by the collaborated efforts of a food psychologist and an expert in education.

garden food preps healthy eating program supports you with nutritional planning, feedback and healthy diet deliveryOur teams support and feedback on activities ensures you're going in the right direction, keeps you accountable to your goal, and motivates you to persevere during the difficult of times.

our healthy eating programs are more than online diet food delivery, its an education for healthLearn how to shop, how to enjoy a naughty treat and still be healthy, what foods to eat and what to avoid, how to take control of your appetite, how to get some movement into your life, how to cook healthily, discover tricks to avoid temptation and much more.

Unlike most healthy meal delivery services, our weight loss foods are delivered fresh twice per weekPrepared and portioned meals delivered on Sundays and Wednesday’s so your fridge always has fresh healthy food ready to go (no need for that emergency regretful snack).

pay for our healthy meal delivery service weekly, including nutritional planningNo need to pay all 3 weeks up front. Payment taken weekly to the amount above.

The 21/90 rule dictates that a habit is formed by committing to a goal for 21 days (3 weeks). Once the habit is formed if you can continue to do it for another 90 days, the change will become permanent. This course is designed to get you that first step but If you need more time and a deeper level of guidance, we suggest you try our 6-week complete reconditioning course.