if you are not going to be in when your healthy food is delivered, you can pay a deposit and get a garden food prep cool bag to keep your meal prep fresh.

Not at home on delivery days? Pay deposit for a cool bag. Keep your food fresh!

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Place a deposit on a garden food prep cool bag if you are not likely to be in on delivery days. These can be reused, are reasonably waterproof and animal proof. The price is merely a deposit and if the cool bag is returned in good condition, we will give your money back.

Leave the cool bag with its icepack on your doorstep (or designated place) for any later deliveries and we will know to place your food in there with a fresh icepack.

Alternatively we would be happy to place your food in your own cool bag if you're not likely to be in, just let us know at checkout or drop us a message on our Facebook page (also found in the little orange bubble at the bottom of our website).