Meal prep menu

If you prefer to see a menu and order from it to then have someone set up your meal prep plan on our end manually, message us or give us a call on 01245330385. For your convenience, you can order your meal prep through our website too.
At Garden food prep we alternate between 2 different menus on a week by week basis, so you don’t need to get bored of eating the same healthy meals. All meals are portioned to the macros we set in our plan for you.
Most dishes have seeded toppings to achieve the right fat and fibre levels for affective meal plans. Our entire menu is gluten wise and consists of natural ingredients. For any Allergy concerns please check our allergy section on the website. 

All our dishes' macro nutrients are pedantically calculated to also include the sauces, marinades and vegetables. Net macros are essential for genuine accuracy. Food is there to be enjoyed not dreaded, it’s healthy to eat a variety of ingredients and flavours so don’t get stuck on the usual 10 ingredients. Get an array of micronutrients with our menu.



Week A 

Greek Salad – Lean minced beef on a medley of fresh peppers, olives, red onion, cherry tomatoes, and feta cheese, tossed in oregano and served with red rice 

Thai Red Curry – This creamy Thai favourite bursts with natural, cleansing flavours. Packed with Chicken breast and peas on steamed brown rice. Palm sugar removed to keep the sauce keto

Blackened Chicken – Cajun blackened Chicken breast with paprika roasted sweet potato chunks, spring onion, black beans and grilled broccoli

Thai Turkey & Basil leaves – Turkey, onions, peppers, peas lean fried with an abundance of fresh basil, served on steamed brown rice

Chicken Carnitas – Our healthy take on a Mexican classic. Pulled chicken served with pickled red onions, fresh coriander, cherry tomatoes, rice and beans


Buffalo Chicken – Steamed chicken breast in a homemade all natural, low calorie Buffalo sauce; served with garlic green beans and creamy polenta

Turkey Chilli con Carne – Saucy and meaty. Turkey Thigh mince cooked in a homemade chilli sauce for hours on end served with steamed brown rice 

Gluten Free Pesto Pasta & Chicken - Bring the flavours of Italy to your meal prep but keep it clean with this pesto delight

Pulled Beef – Slow cooked and pulled lean beef served with smashed herbed potatoes and steamed kale 


Week B


Thai Green Curry – Our keto Thai green sauce with kaffir lime leaves, fresh basil, peas and aubergine on steamed brown rice with chicken topped with black sesame 

Turkey Meatballs – Handmade turkey meatballs with gluten free pasta and tomato sauce topped with feta cheese

Mex Mix – Mexican style brown rice packed with onions, peppers, peas, sweetcorn, tomato and lime. Topped with strips of fajita chicken 

Pulled Pork - Slow cooked pineapple pulled pork served Cajun sweet potato chunks and Szechuan style green beans 

Turkey Laab – Our dieticians favourite dish among her travels: Turkey mince, heavy on the coriander and lime leaves you feeling clean. Served with steam red rice


Pasta Bolognese - Rich homemade Bolognese sauce coats a mass of fresh lean beef served on gluten free pasta

Bravas Chicken - Rosemary and smoked paprika chicken, served with grilled blackened broccoli and sweet potato mash

Chicken in Black bean sauce – A healthy take on a Chinese buffet favourite. All macros controlled even in the sauce (just like everyone of our dishes). Chicken breast, brown rice, flavour

Chicken & Chorizo Stew – a smoky stew reduced for enhanced flavours. Chicken, chorizo, butterbeans, spinach and tomatoes and chicken served on polenta (low carb version without polenta in this dish to achieve the macro set required)


Available snack/breakfast for both weeks:

  • Probiotic pot made with natural yoghurt, oats, flax seeds and flavor of the week. 
  • Home-made protein pancakes. Gluten wise; made with oats, bananas, eggs, flax seeds and whey protein powder.


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