About us

Who are we?

Garden Food Prep is an educational meal prep company based in Essex. Unlike Other meal prep companies we want our clients to develop independence where nutrition is concerned. We aim to help as many people as possible take back control of this part of their lives by providing a foundation of healthy real food, individualised support and food education. It is our goal to simplify the science behind nutrition so you don’t need to be a nutritionist to continually succeed in your weight loss or fitness journey. Our array of clients include:

  • Yo-Yo dieters who have had enough of the confusion and sacrifices around unsuccessful dieting.
  • Millennials who are feeling the toll of takeaways and want to get on top of their food game.
  • Athletes who want to take their physique to the next level. From cyclists trying to switch their body to run off fat for efficiency to bodybuilders who cycle between cutting and bulking in bespoke patterns.

Where we come from – the seed that started the garden

As a Child and adolescent I was self-conscious about my weight, living in a household where unsuccessful Yo-Yo dieting seemed to be the only topic of conversation. I grew up, started lifting weights, and realised there was no need to accept a body that I wasn’t happy with. I could take control of my weight and it felt good to be in the driver’s seat. Over the next 5 years this became an obsession. I moved to the U.S.A where people seemed either ‘super healthy’, micromanaging their diet or were overweight. There was little middle ground in this all or nothing nation and I knew what side I wanted to be on. Following this 4 years were well spent in Asia where everyone seemed relaxed about nutrition but were overall quite healthy.

This journey let me understand that there are many different approaches to health and fitness and that every struggle is valid. Some people put in everything and get a lot back, some people don’t have as much to put in and others need not do anything because their habits let them succeed naturally. The complexity needed when approaching nutrition is different for every person depending on where they are in their fitness journey and how far they want to go. I started supporting people on their journeys and it was great to see people grow into stronger more confident and comfortable versions of their selves.

Every person I helped reminded me of my own journey. I would remember how heavy the burden of my weight actually was and knew it was important to continue helping others eliminate that terrible feeling. I wanted to help as many people as possible to keep growing and feel positive about their body so I devoted all my energies to this cause and formed the team we have today We started out as an educational curriculum writer, a psychologist and a trainee dietician. Our love of food and fitness bought us together where we spent 2 years learning to cook in 4 different countries before returning home to make Garden Food Prep. I hope you too can benefit from our experience and passions. Real food cooked with love.

Christian Larocque