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2 ready to eat healthy meals a day, designed by a qualified dietician and cooked entirely from natural ingredients by professional chefs.

All meals are delivered fresh and ready to eat with minimal effort, making it easy for you to stay consistently healthy. Have one less thing to worry about, save time and reach your goals. Order more weeks at a time to save yourself time or subscribe to create an account and receive further benefits such as greater control over your meals and further discounts.

We believe in transparency and understand it's important for you to know what you are eating. Every dish we serve of the type you chose is measured to fulfil the macros below. If you know a little bit about nutrition or have a personal trainer, this information will be helpful in choosing the amount of meals you need or the kind of snacks/supplements/own cooked food you may wish to include in your nutritional programme.

macro measured meals meals on wheels by the best meal prep service is the easiest way to eat healthy

macro guidance piecharts. get your nutrition right to get healthy with meal prep delivered by garden food prep

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We don't agree with pseudo health products, they cloud the path to success and do more damage than good. For your clarity, we have outlined our approach to health and nutrition below.

Calorie control is key to healthy food management.

Our meals have been designed within in a goldilocks calorie zone according to your goals; enough to fill you up without tipping you overboard. Too many calories and you gain unwanted body fat, too few and your body forces you to emergency binge on unhealthy foods (or worse it doesn't and you go without the nutrients your body needs to thrive). Please be advised that if you are having 2 meals a day, this will likely need to be supplemented with your own food. If you don't have any idea of the calories you need, please let us know.

Your meals and meal plans were designed with consideration of their macro- and-micronutrient profile. The Ratio of Fat, Carbohydrate and Protein that make up your meals calories', have been carefully selected to support the goals you have chosen. A sweet spot for fibre differentiating between the meals has also been applied within our menu design. Different fats have been used tactically to ensure you get an array of vitamins, antioxidants and a healthy omega balance. Unlike other meal prep companies out there, we also include all sauces and vegetables into a calculations. Carbs and meats are measured to the gram even considering water weight, variables between batches and ingredients.

Meet Tatiana - the brains behind our menu's nutrition. She's both a qualified dietician and clinical psychologist and is bringing the 2 disciplines together to help people within the true context of their lives.

How our clean and natural meal prep will improve your life:

  • Save time and make healthy eating more manageable whether you are using us for all of your meals or just an aid to your healthy lifestyle. Remove the burden of meal planning, shopping, cooking and washing up
  • Save money - the average person spends £88.83 a week on food (refer to 'Save Time & Money' tab for more info). Your meal prep probably costs less than this.
  • Keep organised for consistent results - A subscription removes all effort on your behalf making it easy to stick to week in week out and constantly improve.
  • Easy to track nutritional system so you can consistently keep it simple- Easy macros all available on MyFitnessPal
  • Remove the need to cheat - Enough food to stick to the plan. kill your cravings
  • Easier to budget - Know exactly how much you spend each week on food
  • Transparent pricing - no hidden costs
  • Improve concentration and focus - Eating the right amounts of the right foods helps you keep focused (no more sugar crashing). There's also one less thing to think about in taking care of yourself or family.
  • High protein content helps keep hair, nails and skin healthy whilst repairing muscle fibres for muscle growth. It will control your appetite and boost your immune system.

At Garden food prep we alternate between 2 different menus on a week by week basis, so you don’t need to get bored of eating the same healthy meals. Blue meals are available on the weekend’s delivery while green meals are delivered on Wednesday’s. All meals are portioned to the macros we set in our plan for you.


Most dishes have seeded toppings to achieve the right fat and fibre levels for affective meal plans. Our entire menu is gluten wise and consists of natural ingredients. For any Allergy concerns please check our allergy section on the website.


All our dishes macro nutrients are pedantically calculated to also include the sauces, marinades and vegetables. Net macros are essential for genuine accuracy. Food is there to be enjoyed not dreaded, it’s healthy to eat a variety of ingredients and flavours so don’t get stuck on the usual 10 ingredients. Get an array of micronutrients.




Week A


Greek Salad – Lean minced beef on a medley of fresh peppers, olives, red onion, cherry tomatoes, and feta cheese, tossed in oregano and served with red rice


Thai Red Curry – This creamy Thai favourite bursts with natural, cleansing flavours. Packed with Chicken breast and peas on steamed brown rice. Palm sugar removed to keep the sauce keto


Blackened Chicken – Cajun blackened Chicken breast with paprika roasted sweet potato chunks, spring onion, black beans and grilled broccoli


Thai Turkey & Basil leaves – Turkey, onions, peppers, peas lean fried with an abundance of fresh basil, served on steamed brown rice


Chicken Carnitas – Our healthy take on a Mexican classic. Pulled chicken served with pickled red onions, fresh coriander, cherry tomatoes, rice and beans


Buffalo Chicken – Steamed chicken breast in a homemade all natural, low calorie Buffalo sauce; served with garlic green beans and creamy polenta


Turkey Chilli con Carne – Saucy and meaty. Turkey Thigh mince cooked in a homemade chilli sauce for hours on end served with steamed brown rice


Gluten Free Pesto Pasta & Chicken - Bring the flavours of Italy to your meal prep but keep it clean with this pesto delight.


Pulled Beef – Slow cooked and pulled lean beef served with smashed herbed potatoes and steamed kale



Week B


Thai Green Curry – Our keto Thai green sauce with kaffir lime leaves, fresh basil, peas and aubergine on steamed brown rice with chicken topped with black sesame


Turkey Meatballs – Handmade turkey meatballs with gluten free pasta and tomato sauce topped with feta cheese


Mex Mix – Mexican style brown rice packed with onions, peppers, peas, sweetcorn, tomato and lime. Topped with strips of fajita chicken


Pulled Pork - Slow cooked pineapple pulled pork served Cajun sweet potato chunks and Szechuan style green beans


Turkey Laab – Our dieticians favourite dish among her travels: Turkey mince, heavy on the coriander and lime leaves you feeling clean. Served with steam red rice


Pasta Bolognese - Rich homemade Bolognese sauce coats a mass of fresh lean beef served on gluten free pasta


Bravas Chicken - Rosemary and smoked paprika chicken, served with grilled blackened broccoli and sweet potato mash


Chicken in Black bean sauce – A healthy take on a Chinese buffet favourite. All macros controlled even in the sauce (just like everyone of our dishes). Chicken breast, brown rice, flavour


Chicken & Chorizo Stew – a smoky stew reduced for enhanced flavours. Chicken, chorizo, butterbeans, spinach and tomatoes and chicken served on polenta (low carb version without polenta in this dish to achieve the macro set required)




Available snack/breakfast for both weeks:

Probiotic pot made with natural yoghurt, oats, flax seeds made to taste like a chocolate orange cheese cake


Home-made protein pancakes. Gluten wise; made with oats, bananas, eggs, flax seeds and whey protein powder

Meet Mark - Garden Food Prep's head chef. He's been working with food for nearly 25 years (10 as a head chef). The connections he made as a young butcher are still useful today in getting high quality  protein for your meal prep.

All averages are based on research and we encourage you to do your own. We were surprised at the results too. If someone else pays your bills and buys your food then we might not be as cost effective, but if you are self sustainable, choosing us can not only save you time but also money.

  1. You order the appropriate plan for you before Thursday 7pm for the following week.
  2. We confirm the order and personally get in touch to double check on allergies, if you need more support, if you have any intolerances etc. We like to be there for the people we are helping if they want us to be.
  3. Our system calculates the amount ingredients needed for your plan to the gram and this is added to our shopping list (no food waste allows us to deliver better ingredients at a good price and is also good for the environment). Our butcher (known for 20 years) and greengrocer (known for 10), deliver the fresh ingredients to our kitchen.
  4. Your meal prep is cooked and measured in accordance with the requirements of your plan by our our kitchen team led by head chef Mark.
  5. Your meals will be delivered in 2 parts. Monday to Wednesday's food will be delivered on Sunday evening. Thursday to Friday's (Saturday's if selected), will be delivered on Wednesday evening. You can pay a deposit for a cool bag if you are not going to be in or use your own cool bag. Please let us know if there is a special area you would like the food to be left.

Please be advised that delivery is £6 (£3 per delivery) and this goes straight to the driver. All deliveries are free for any order with a pre-discounted price of over £100.

Subscribing creates an online account whereby you can have convenient control over your food without burning into that precious time you are saving.

  • Keep it simple - A few clicks taking a few minutes can take care of you for months. everything is automated until you state otherwise. One less thing to think about, easier to stay consistently healthy.
  • Easier to stay dedicated to your chosen health goals.
  • Choose which dishes you want your meal prep plan to consist of.
  • Pause your weekly subscription for a chosen amount of weeks with a few simple clicks.
  • Pay weekly rather than splashing out a large amount upfront.
  • Save an extra 5% on your orders.


Easily cancel or pause your subscription without notice anytime before 7pm on a Thursday the week before (no need to tie yourself into any contracted period). This can be done simply with a few clicks on your account or with a quick message/phone call to Chris (your nutritionist).

The easiest way to take control of your meal prep is to subscribe which will open an account for you to choose your meals and manage when you want and don't want the order to be sent.

However, if you have any preferences please let us know at the check out where there is a little box for you to type anything relevant.

This may include:

  • Allergies.
  • Intolerances.
  • Food dislikes (red meat for example).
  • Dishes you wish to avoid.
  • Dishes you prefer (note that changing meals may affect GI balance of certain plans).

Please note menu items may come in contact with allergens not specified as the kitchen and equipment used to cook the dishes is used for other purposes. Our entire kitchen is gluten wise. There are no gluten based items on our menu but same ingredients may have been stored in the same warehouse as gluten grains and therefore cannot technically be called gluten free.

Ready to eat - Meals are already prepped so you can simply go to your fridge pull out your meal and eat instantly or take with you for instant eating later. Eating healthily on the go has never been so easy.

Prefer hot food? - If you prefer your meals hot then microwave them until they are hot in the middle. This normally takes around 3 minutes but is dependent on your microwave. open the lid but leave it on top to steam the food and keep your microwave clean.

Freezing - Meals can be frozen but need to be microwaved until piping hot in the middle. Our meals are delivered to you fresh and for the best quality, we recommend you eat them fresh.

Meal plan - Our meals come labelled so you know what they are (including their macros). If you have a meal plan, simply check it, find the meal in your fridge with the appropriate label and eat.

If there are any details you would like to know about before your order please: Phone us on (01245)330385 or, Hit the orange button at the bottom of our page start a Facebook messenger chat with us or, Email us via nutritionist@gardenfoodprep.com

(please be advised that we will not be able to do a full consultation until the first order has been made. Free nutrition advise can be found @ https://www.facebook.com/gardenfoodprep - link opens new window).