Cutting meal prep plan for men

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Build your body the right way. We all know the body is sculpted in kitchen as much as the gym. Assuming you want to make those workouts count you need to get organised.

“To sustainably drop fat, you need to eat less calories than your body uses within a particular macro nutrient ratio (see picture 4 pie charts for actual ratios).”

You need grit because eating at a calorific deficit will initially drop your energy levels. Clean and natural ingredients help detox your body and counterbalance low energy levels while your body’s metabolism gradually changes due to the macro ratio change. Eventually your body will learn to use fat as an energy source more efficiently than relying on a constant carbohydrate top up. Consequently, you will drop fat, have more energy than before and won’t be craving those unnecessary calories to fuel your day.

If you consistently do the above, you will see results. You don’t need us to do it but it is not an easy task to keep up without support. It demands time, organisation, consistent preparation and must be accurately tracked. Hats off to those with space in their life for this continual sacrifice! Honestly, it’s no small feat and deserves recognition. However, for those with other things going on, we are the perfect solution. We make the above easy and simple so it’s harder to get it wrong, than get it right.

While you focus on the part you enjoy… training, or general living! Our team of nutritionists will take care of your meal plans, our produce purchasers - your shopping, our esteemed chefs - your cooking, and our delivery guys - your drive time. Your recycling bin takes care of the washing up. All you will need to do is look at your meal plan, go to your fridge, pick out the dish it says and enjoy. We are like a healthy takeaway that only needs ordering once a week with breakfast, lunch and dinner for the 5 working days sorted (6 days if you choose).

Simple = Consistent and Consistent = Change. In what way are you going to be consistent?

How our meal prep will improve your life:

  • Clean natural ingredients help detox your body
  • Save time (refer to infographic below)
  • Save money (refer to infographic below)
  • Stay easily organised for consistent results
  • Easy to track nutritional system
  • Remove the need to cheat
  • Easier to budget
  • Transparent pricing
  • Improve concentration and focus
  • High protein content helps keep hair, nails and skin healthy whilst repairing muscle fibres for muscle growth
  • More protein per £ than other accredited meal prep companies (if you find a better deal please let us know)

Your freshly cooked healthy ready meals will be delivered in 2 parts with the first on Sunday to keep your fridge stocked up until Wednesday when you receive the second part of your meal prep delivery.

Once your order has been placed, one of our nutritionists will be in touch with your meal prep plan (including macronutrient breakdown). Our meals are also available on myfitnesspal if you/your PT prefers this kind of tracking. Any special requirements for your meal prep delivery or food preferences, intolerances or allergies, please let us know at the checkout. Unlike many other meal prep services, we alternate between 2 different weekly menus to keep your taste buds keen and provide your body with different micronutrients.

Subscriptions can be cancelled or paused any time before Wednesday the previous week with a few simple clicks. You will not be tied or to a certain amount of weeks with your subscription.