Simple Greek Salad (4 meal prep dishes)

You don’t need to be a chef to whip up this simple delight. It’s the perfect dish to fill 10 minutes whilst waiting for other dishes to finish cooking during your Sunday prep. Furthermore, with low carbs and high (clean) fats, this is perfect to eat on the days you are not training.

Takes 10 minutes

Preps 4 of your weekly dishes

 -100g Feta Cheese (considered by many the world healthiest cheese)

-400g of fat removed beef rump steak (high iron)

-120g of olives (high in vitamin E)

-200g of bell peppers (twice the vitamin C of an orange)

-200g of red onion (antimicrobial keeps the raw ingredients fresh)

-240g of cherry tomatoes (high in vitamin C even more so when eat raw)

-2 heaped tablespoons of dried oregano (also antimicrobial and a great candida killer)

-40ml of extra virgin olive oil

-40ml of 60ml of balsamic vinegar (aids digestion and helps blood circulation)

Macros of dish (split into 4 equal parts)

339 kcal   |   23 (g) fat   |   8 (g) carbs   |   25 (g) protein

Method: (it’s so simple you don’t really need this but here it is anyway).

  • Cut your onion and peppers into squares around the size of a 10p coin. And put together in a bowl.
  • Slice your cherry tomatoes in half and put them in with your onions and peppers (we use cherry tomatoes for meal prep because the water doesn’t leak out like normal tomatoes and the salad stays dry).
  • Get your frying or griddle pan on full heat and ready for the steak (no oil yet).
  • Add your oregano to your raw veges and mix thoroughly. Simple.
  • Cut up your feta into dice sized cubes, add to your veges and mix (we do this after oregano so the feta stays whole and fresh as needed for meal prep).
  • Now the pan should be hot enough, put just 1 teaspoon of olive oil in, wait till its near smoking point and add your steak (cook it how you like it). Little tip; a steak is generally medium when the blood rises to the top after its been flipped.
  • Divide your veges and feta evenly into your 4 meal prep tubs (Tupperware etc.). weigh your cooked steak, divide that number by 4 and portion your steak into 4 portions totalling that number. Same with your balsamic and olive oil.

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