Part 4: How much should I eat – make calorie counting practical

Even though you’re considerably less likely to eat ‘too much’ food if it’s all from natural ingredients, it’s still possible and does happen without the right guidance or means of self control. It’s also possible to eat too little and we all know that’s not healthy or sustainable; just like an elastic band, it’ll ping back faster than it got there. It’s not about yoyo dieting!

You need to eat the right number of calories for any goals you have. For those who want to live healthily and sustain their weight, they need to eat roughly the same number of calories they use. For those who want to put on weight, they need to eat more calories than they use. For those who want to lose weight, they need to eat fewer calories (not too few or it’s unsustainable, unhealthy and will compromise one’s quality of life). Calorie consumption is a vital part of weight changing goals, but we understand that weighing, measuring and calculating all the ingredients can be highly inconvenient, so most people aren’t likely to keep it up. Choose from the points below to simplify the situation and keep it sustainable:

  1. Hire a natural meal prep company like us, that weighs/measures their foods to the gram so you don’t need to worry about the above. As previously mentioned, this may be the best way for some, but we understand it’s not the case for everyone.

  2. Accept that you are in this for the long game and that it’s not going to be perfect at every step or happen straight away but know that you will get there. Persistently put one foot in front of the other and you WILL get to a stage where you’re in control of your diet. To start making this practical, you need to follow the steps below:

    a)  Make sure your calories are not ‘empty (low micronutrient) calories’.

    b)  Remember the amount of food you’re eating in our ready-made meals. Use this as a reference point.

    c)  When you cook your own food (from our recipe books or on your own) be aware of how

    much food is actually going on your plate (your Facebook uploads are a reminder).

    d) Check your body weight every couple of weeks; if you want it to go down and it hasn’t, then reduce the amount of food you are eating. The following week cook, the same recipe and same amounts but take a little bit off your plate. Similarly, if you’re losing too much weight then add a little more food to your plates the following week. You don’t need to eat everything you cook there and then, put the extra in a pot (re-use one of ours) for another day. Refer back to your uploaded Facebook photos for a reminder of how much you had on the plate previously. A sustainable level of weight loss/gain is 1- 2lbs per week. The first few weeks can be more, after that, more than that is too much.

    Calorie control is important but don’t let the complexity and inconvenience of calorie counting, ruin your consistent progress. Don’t let the numbers obstruct the goal.

This extract is 1 part of our food behavioural reconditioning program. This program comes with activities, support, recipes and delivered meals organised to help you get on top of your health goals once and for all. To get the full program for free (not including prepared and delivered supporting meals) simple let us know where to send it below.

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