Low Carb Szechuan Stir Fry (4 meal prep dishes)

We learned this tasty low carb dish when we lived in Sichuan, China where ingredients are chosen based on their healing qualities. This flavour combination is known to balance and detox the body.

Takes 15 minutes.

Ingredients (Preps 4 of your weekly meals)

-  3 tsp chopped ginger root (natural anti inflammatory)

-  6 tsp sesame oil (good for skin health)

-  chilli flakes (optional to tatse but is detoxifying)

-  2 sprigs of coriander including stem (aids digestion)

-  1 clove garlic (strengthens immune system)

-  450g bean sprouts (lowers blood pressure)

-  300g red cabbage (increases cognitive function)

-  400g of onion (feeds good gut bacteria)

-  50g of spring onion (anti microbial)

-  1 head of broccoli (protects eye health)

-  2 tsp soy sauce (healthy gut balance)

-  pink salt to taste

-  720g of chicken breast (get that protein high)

-  5g Chia seeds (good fats including omega 3's)

Macros of dish (per dish split evenly)

342 calories, 15g of fat, 16g of carbs (from the veg) and 47g of protein. Best for an intense cut.

Simple method

1) Chopped and fry your garlic and ginger in the sesame oil. While it's frying on a low heat cut your chicken into small chunks.

2) When the garlic is golden brown add your chicken and cook till thats done.

3) While the chicken is cooking don't stir it too much; instead chop your cabbage, onions and broccoli.

4) remove your cooked chicken from the pan put beans sprouts and chopped veg into the pan and season with salt and soy sauce. When the veg is soft, add the coriander and chilli flakes. Turn the heat right up and stir.

5) Portion into 4 equal amounts.

6) weigh the total of your chicken then divide this number by 4. Ensure that each portion has this number of grams. Sprinkle chopped spring onion greens to keep your prepped meals fresh. Top with your chia seeds.

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